Counter Strike Source Points

Counter strike source strategies for the countless inexperienced Counter strike source players that believe it is very difficult to compete against the pro’s. Most new players can get very frustrated when they got killed too quickly without taking any enemies down, and it may result in anger and not playing counter strike source anymore. That’s a really waste of your hard earned money, I guess you didn’t bought the overall game to play it once or twice and then quit since you lack the appropriate counter strike skills, right?

Therefore I created some basic but also very useful counter strike source tips. With your tips you are able to boost your counter strike source skills and survive longer, and the most important thing, you can even take some of your enemies down.

Always aim above the enemies belt, it can cause more harm to your enemy. Ideally you usually need certainly to shoot for the head, sell csgo skins for paypal a headshots means always instant death for your enemy. This could possibly be hard for you when you’re just getting started but when you carry on practicing this you will get used to it. I would recommend you to teach with every weapon in the overall game because all of them shoot different. You especially wish to discover ways to shoot with the M4 and the CV-74, you are able to learn aiming with one of these weapons in the aim maps, like aim-ak.

Always buy armor in the beginning of each and every round. This gives you more protection against your opponents.
Always reload your weapon after you’ve spend some bullets. But be mindful and reload only if you’re positively sure you will find no enemies nearby and you won’t be surprised when reloading.

In case a flash-bomb is thrown towards you immediately look in the alternative direction together with your back pointing towards the flash-bomb. In this way the flash might have minimal possible influence on you. You have to be quick with this one.

When buying pistols always purchase a Desert Eagle this is the greatest handgun and with a maximum of two shots targeted at the chest you are able to kill the enemy quickly and easy.

Once you learn an enemy is hiding behind an obstacle just shoot through that obstacle because in this game your bullets can penetrate through almost everything. If you should be close to the enemy, hold down the SHIFT key when walking, your enemy won’t hear your footsteps this way thus you are able to surprise him with a headshot if he did not help you before.

When you’re an actual beginner with counter strike source is suggest you to create your personal server by yourself pc and put some bots in it and play against them is likely to, in this manner you will learn plenty of the game.

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