Is Marijuana Really That Harmful to You?

When i originally started the research for this editorial I had the title of “The top ten reasons to not smoke marijuana” in mind. However the more I researched, the more I realized that we would be pushed to find only 5 reasons to avoid pot and therefore surprisingly enough had to change the title as to the it is now. I was especially surprised to learn that specific areas where I was “certain” that pot was harmful to you, like pregnancy, were also misconceptions. Therefore we covers the five major concerns with pot and the truth about its negative or not so unwanted effects giving you.


From the as a teenager smoking pot, I learned to create reasons to rationalize my habit. Reasons like “it’s not addictive”, “you never hear of a pothead beating up his wife or kids, unlike an alcoholic”, “$50 bag of marijuana lasts you all week, and you can drop twice that or more in one night at the bar”, yet others. However the fact remains that although research attests that pot is not physically enslaving, it is very enslaving in your head. We set out to crave the euphoria of pot and what starts as a once a week thing becomes a once a day thing, in the early evenings after work; to potentially lead to an all day thing, including going to work or school stoned.

This is not something that all pot smokers do, but it is very common. If you are confused about the difference between physical and mental addiction let me compare it to something more safer to understand. Take your own “addiction” such as a favorite video game (World of Warcraft), game system (PS3 or Xbox), Tv show (American Idol, football), shopping, or other favorite activity that if you could be paid for doing then you would be in absolute heaven. Now imagine that you are prohibited from ever doing it again. That feeling that you are feeling is what pot addiction feels as though when someone is trying to give up. You know you can do it, but you really, really, Really don’t want to. cbd hash

Physical limitations

First of all the obvious stuff. If you drive while stoned you may create a wreck then even intoxicated. You will get drunk driving if pulled over. It is very dangerous so don’t do it. Work where physical labor or operating machinery is involved is also something to be avoided especially when you work in dangerous conditions. Your speech is also affected. You talk slower. You take longer to consider an answer. Your reactions are sometimes, not to be offensive, stupid. Therefore if you are going to be giving a presentation in front of the whole class or you have a customer service job, then smoking marijuana before this activity is a really bad idea. Before you do decide to smoke marijuana, you should think about the ramifications that you are likely to encounter; if you wouldn’t get intoxicated prior to going to work, then you shouldn’t smoke marijuana before work either.

Sexual function

Sexual function is among the most common reason why marijuana “should” be avoided and per research is the most true. Research attests that while stoned or over to 3 days after your last intake of pot your capacity to get an erectile is significantly reduced. Then, even if you can get it up, your capacity to keep it hard is also greatly reduced. This can lead to a disturbing situation, obviously. There is some concern that perhaps there are long term effects associated with long term pot use, however all scientific studies so far have shown that after 15 to 30 days of the last intake of pot, sexual function is reconditioned fot it of prior to pot use, even in long term users. There is also some evidence that shows male impotence, whether it be exercises or pills reduces some of the dysfunction, however there have yet to be formal studies done on this.

The reproductive system concerns

What I heard bout marijuana’s influence on the the reproductive system system was the biggest shockers to me. A major study done by Melanie C. Dreher, PhD; Kevin Nugent, PhD; and Rebekah Hudgins, MUM showed that there was absolutely no negative affect the development of a child whoever parents smoked cigarettes pot during pregnancy, and some of these parents smoked cigarettes NINE joints per day every single day. It was hard to think when you consider alcohol affliction, the debilitating influence on kids whoever parents consumed alcohol during pregnancy. They tested these kids at 1 day old, 3 days old, 30 days old, then came back and tested them again at three years old, and again at 5 yoa, and Undertake and don’t showed any health flaws, developmental problems or any other negative effect. Other studies done later confirm this finding. The negative effect that is a concern however is that a guy’s sperm production is reduced if he’s been smoking pot, thus making it more difficult for a woman to become pregnant.

Social issues

We will quickly touch on this subject as this might be obvious, but is the most important consideration for pot users. Pot use is illegal in the united states unless it is for medical purposes. This creates the situation of where you must consider whether it is “worth it” to use pot. If you get caught you go to offender, you may lose your job, your family and friends may be greatly disappointed. If you have children they may get removed. You may potentially lose all you could have if you get caught. The other concern is if you have friends who do not do pot, they may have a difficult time relating to you while you are stoned, therefore you are potentially sacrificing these relationships.

As this information was originally gathered to discourage pot use, in the end it proved more informational than anything. So if you opt to use pot or choose to avoid it, hopefully you now have a clearer idea for the choice that is right for you.

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