Jewelry On the Years

Jewelry has, in lots of shapes and forms, been with us considering that the Stone Age. In the ancient cave paintings, items are clearly seen around necks and wrists. These could have been symbolic and not decorative, but they’re there nonetheless.

The ancient Egyptians in 3000 BC first created Jewelry as we realize it. When Howard Carter and his team first discovered Tutankhamen`s tomb in 1922, the variety of gold jewelry that they found was priceless. Pendants, bracelets, rings, armlets, diadems, earrings, head ornaments and collars of pure gold where all within the land of the Pharaohs.

By the time of the ancient Greeks in 1400 BC, the art of jewelry making had come on a horrible long way. The heavy chunkiness that the Egyptians were so keen on had been replaced by very delicate earring and necklaces. Beads shaped into flowers, beetles and shells were manufactured on a big scale. The delicacy of the job is nothing less than miraculous thinking about the primitive tools they had at their disposal. By 300 BC the Greeks were making multi colored jewelry and using precious stones such as for example garnets, pearls, amethysts and emeralds.

Jewelry continued to evolve within the centuries and by the 17th Century fake pearls and paste earrings were making an appearance. A girl permanently wore earrings, therefore the fakes were worn during the day and the diamonds etc were brought in the evening, along with brooches of worn out the from of the human body in descending sizes.

In the sooner part of the 20th century designers such as for example Coco Chanel were influencing the standard glass jewelry being massed created by Lalique. Costume jewelry was handed the grand title of cocktail jewelry. They encouraged wearers to mix and match between their fakes and their genuine jewelry.

Following a lull during World War II due to the rationing of the metal, jewelry production came ultimately back big style. The glamorous movie stars of the 40`s and 50`s dazzled everyone using their sparkling gems อัญมณีประจำเดือนเกิด. The old newsreel films demonstrate to them at premieres and parties dripping with gold and diamonds. The Oscars ceremony happens to be the big event of the year, and the jewelry that the stars wear is as talked about as their hair and clothes.

The jewelry that people wear today has come quite a distance, but the fundamental elements continue to be there. The best leap has been in the jewelry specially made for men. Gone are the days when the only real jewelry a man dons was his wedding or signet ring. They now venture out adorned with necklaces, bracelets earrings and several other sparkling accessories.

Costume jewelry for men is heavily influenced by sport. Necklaces made of a leather string are favored by the surfing fraternity, and are finding their way into popular culture. They’ll have something such as an imitation sharks tooth attached as a pendant. Likewise, you see teenage boys everywhere wearing leather bracelets.

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