Looking for Secure Door Locks

The locks on your doors are the first type of defense against any unwanted intruders. They serve to keep your property and your family safe and secure if you are at home or away. That said, locks are often one of the most important and most taken for granted security devices that people own. Because we have become very much accustomed with their presence, and confident in their ability to keep us secure, we don’t typically put too much thought into the quality and safety of our locks. While a powerful, secure lock can keep someone out, a weak lock can be seen almost as an invitation to enter.

In today and age, you’ll find so many forms of door locks available. With options ranging from locks that could only be used outside, to single smartentrylocks and multi-key locks, to more high-tech options that could lock and unlock via different technologies, you’ve your projects cut out for you when it comes time to select your locks. If you have stayed in a resort recently, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the card-based locks which they use on all of their doors. These locks are extremely secure since they allow the hotel to essentially change the keys after every guest. While this level of security might not be essential for your property, it is perfect for places which have frequent changes in who must come in and out.

The most typical locking mechanism for exterior doors on a house is the mix of a typical dead-bolt lock and a lock on the handle itself. In the past, it had been more common to see handle locks on their own. Because the deadbolt arrived to greater usage, however, it had been discovered simply how much more security they offered. When properly installed right into a strong doorframe, a deadbolt can be hugely problematic for a burglar to obtain past. This kind of lock security is ideal for home use, as it not only provides a very good level of security, but it may also be opened from both inside and outside. Which means your property may be just like secure if you are at home or away.

As technology advances, so do the different kinds of high tech door locks. Two of the rising technologies in home security are RF and mobile phone operated door locks. RF locks utilize a key fob that emits a special radio signal that’s paired to your particular lock. The fob looks very similar to those employed by automobiles and typically has different buttons to lock and unlock the door. This really is especially handy when you return house with the hands full. Rather than fumbling to obtain the important thing into the lock, all you have to do is press a button. Smart phone activated locks can be used on homes with more advanced automation systems. Although this kind of lock is extremely cool, it is not yet being used in many homes. Aside from the degree of technology that the lock has, several locks still allow you to bypass the RF or Smart-Phone requirement using a key. Whether you select a typical, old-fashioned locking mechanism or something a bit more high-tech, the important thing is to select a lock that’s both strong and secure. By doing so, you can be confident that the home is relatively safe when properly secured.

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