The reason why Crowding within Popular Methods to Find Jobs Is actually Operating Towards Your own Research.

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There are three items that inform trends in seeking jobs in Kenya. The foremost is the widespread talk by politicians who are serious opinion leaders, that there are no jobs.

I strongly disagree making use of their stand when I consider it from the perspective of individuals seeking jobs, but I cannot ignore its impact.

The second reason is the normal national belief governed by our African heritage that says if this way has worked for many of my’brothers’then it will work for me.

The third and definitely the most dangerous is the overall move from rural to urban areas that happens from the village to the nearest town and from those towns or up-country to the capital city, Nairobi. oferty pracy This can be a natural human trend in most developing nations.

I’ve spoken at length about why I strongly advice that you ignore political talk as a supply of advice for your lifetime in this article.

Those of us born after independence wish to trust that people are modern and therefore not bound by African community norms. However, community, people, socialisation and all the’we are’oriented perceptions is one norm that is not about to die soon.

Since we still value people a whole lot, the attitude that what’s worked for my brothers will automatically work for me is quite unconscious.

The way the African community psyche can ruin your search for jobs

The issue however is not in that psyche. The issue comes when you are unaware of the areas where it works directly against your goals and aspirations.

One particular area, and I don’t have any personal beef with them, is using job agencies to get work.

Please listen up! In respect of the law of numbers, it’s impossible for a nation that produces a little more than 50,000 new job opportunities each year to own as many job agencies that provides you with genuine results as there are in every town.

By the law of numbers if they have contact with 20 job opportunities and there are 20,000 on the database how well can that 0.001% chance meet your needs? You pitch yourself directly against the law of numbers.

As it pertains to finding jobs which are scarce, to crowd job agencies because there are 2 or 3 people you realize who did get work through them is to utilize the African psyche to work against you. It’s not clever.

Rural-urban migration and the search for jobs

Put into utilising the African psyche above to the detriment of the search for jobs, failure to plan before undertaking the rural-urban migration route is killing many destinies too.

As person who works together young adults and person who talks about jobs and how to see them a great deal, I face desperate requests often. One common one is those who have left some rural far flung town like Kisii, and are in Nairobi because someone promised them a job.

3 months later, the job is not coming, they’re in a highly commercial town and they’re in serious money trouble (usually lack of it).

My usual immediate urge is to tell them, well, if you had spent an eighth of the bus fare before visiting Nairobi, and read my jobs ebook you wouldn’t be in this drama, but I hold my peace on that one. Most of these cries are usually indications of the job seekers ignorance.

Before you leave the comfort of one’s rural home to get work within an urban town and most especially Nairobi, please do the following:

  • Identify the opportunities which are in your immediate neighbourhood to assist your understanding or the employment world.

What you do not find out about the employment world in your rural village as well as in the estates in urban towns will not suddenly turn to wisdom on the city streets.

  • Realise that the bigger the city, the more commercial oriented people are in their thinking.

In virtually any jobs related conversation you’ve having an individual around, the principal thought on the mind is’how can I earn money off this 1’in direct proportion to how big the town. Meaning, the bigger the city, the more concentrated that thought is.

How to recognize a genuine job agency

I’d like to add a fast word on how to tell the genuineness of work agency. The acid test is; where is their revenue base? Can it be from employers or the job seeker?

If their revenue is from you, from doing your CV, from having your CV on the database, from taking you through mock interviews, and other pretty services then they’re likely taking you for a journey?

However, if their revenue is from employers, then they’re likely giving an honest service. Genuine ones do not charge for some of the services, because employers pay them to get and evaluate you.

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