Believe that You no doubt know Borderlands? One doesn’t Fully understand Jack!

Borderlands 2 is just a few weeks away and promises to bring even more bad-assery than ever before. The initial Borderlands was a good game. Borderlands had a really unique visual style and gameplay, that mixed action with rpg. The overall game really came into its when played with a buddy – or three. What’s more, there were literally a large number of guns to gather and shoot. Obviously most of these features are returning in the sequel, but just about everything has an overhaul. For returning veterans, Borderlands 2 plans to coach you on anything or two. For newbies, listen up! This is Borderlands 2 in an enthusiast shell.

Borderlands 2 features cell shaded, comic-book style graphics just like the original. The difference now, there’s far more to see guardian rank borderlands 3. The initial was all about exploring a wasteland filled with tons of of baddies to shoot, go beyond and blow up. Borderlands 2 gives players more of everything. More environments to explore, more baddies to shoot, more loot to gather and more pleasurable to be had. While Pandora was once filled with sand, dirt and the sporadic rock, now you will find a variety of places to discover. Lush wilderness, detailed with waterfalls, a shiny city of Opportunity and icy caverns are a few of the many diverse locations players can get to find while out-and-about in Borderlands 2. The comic-book style graphics really make these environments pop into life with bright colors and dark outlines. There’s too much to see in this world, but don’t get too excited, the new environments have new and deadlier enemies.

Psycho midgets are back plus a gazzilion other new enemies. In case a spiky-worm thing that may dive underground to prevent gunfire and skew you on its retractable spikes doesn’t sound like whatever you can’t handle, than the Nomad Tortures, War Loaders and tons of of other bad-as named, err, baddies are waiting to make your daily life difficult in Borderlands 2. Luckily, you can fight back with some equally bad-as characters. Maya the Siren may use special powers to accomplish anything from healing allies to levitating her foes before setting them on fire. Axton the Commando can deploy a fatal turret, with a tiny nuke attached. If you want sniping people in the facial skin or stabbing them with a massive katana, then you will love Zero the assassin. Or, if you want to run into things guns blazing, duel wielding even, than you will love Salvador the Gunzerker. You’ll manage to customize your character with various heads and skins, but more importantly, with kick-as guns.

Guns, guns, guns! Over 87 bazzilion guns! What does that even mean?! This means you will have tons of guns to play around with! So how exactly does a minigun with explosive rounds sound? How about a submachine gun that covers your enemies with burning acid? You see, all of the weapons, granades and equipment in Borderlands 2 are randomly generated. That means no two items are ever the same. If you learn something particularly cool, you can store it in your personal bank and, if you are not the greedy type, share the items with your friends. Finding cool guns is one of the main things that kept me coming back to the original Borderlands. You only never understand what you’re going to obtain next time you open a treasure chest, a locker or whatever. Collecting things and shooting baddies on your own is fun, but using a buddy is fun times ten.

Borderlands 2 will feature four player co-op online and two player split screen – with the ability to go online with two more players while in split screen. While the game is perfectly playable in singleplayer, finding a friend along for the ride is far more fun. It eliminates the feeling of isolation as that you don’t feel like you’re the only real soul traversing this enormous game world. Your mate can jump in the drivers seat of one’s buggy, you join the turret and off you go! Then, when you get to your destination, you can implement your character’s powers for their full potential. It makes for total and completely satisfying chaos. In other words, it’s some of the greatest co-op ever. Everything about Borderlands 2 is bigger, better and more bad-as. If you thought Borderlands was good, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

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