Celebrating Life Because of Writing.

God is good most of the time. No matter what circumstances we are in, God is obviously there to steer us and help us when we ask Him to. There can be trials inside our lives. That is a fact. But life may also be beautiful if we would like to. Exactly like what Oscar Wilde was quoted saying, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are considering the stars “.

We’ve plenty of items to be thankful for. Perhaps you have thanked God for being alive and healthy? When was the final time you thanked Him about the good things that you see everyday: your nice bedroom, your cute and lovable kids, your lovely wife and so on.

We’ve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Isn’t it time to offer God at the very least one minute everyday to thank him for things beautiful? Also, what else can we do to show our gratitude to God for his goodness?

Well, plenty of people find volunteering time, money or donation as a means to thank the Almighty. And this is because actually very good Ja Rule. You are blessed with plenty of nutrients in life. Sharing it with others especially the needy is one way of showing that you’re thankful to God that you’re alive. Giving to others reaffirms your commitment to check out God’s calling to love others as you love yourself.

Now there are a large amount of methods to donate and share your blessings. You can support a plan in your neighborhood or begin a community project and request donations to get to charity. Also you can volunteer to charity institutions like St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen or Raleigh Rescue Mission. You may also dig up your property for useful items which so long as use and donate it to charity. Carrying this out is a good method to celebrate life by sharing it with others.

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