Luke’s Really Gold Secrets Tutorial — A true Look at.

Having enough gold in World of Warcraft may seem like a never ending problem. While you’re leveling your characters you will always need better gear to simply help speed up the process. Buying mounts, especially epic mounts is hideously expensive, but is essential if you intend to work through level 40 on to 80 in just about any reasonable amount of time. In the event that you aren’t a skilled WoW player or you aren’t part of a wealthy guild, it can be very difficult to have much gold.

I had the exact same problem for the longest time until I discovered Luke’s Gold Secrets guide. Luke’s guide is a resource that I could say honestly changed the way in which I play World of Warcraft. You see, in a casino game like World of Warcraft, time is money and money is time. Having gold saves you a lot of time. Devoid of gold means you take more time grinding for materials, wasting time since you got killed in crappy gear, and so on.

When I read Luke’s guide a lot changed for me. The largest change is I took one of my alts and camped them out at the auction house to purchase and sell items on a regular basis. The eBook showed me what I wanted to accomplish to locate items that are listed for incredibly cheap and then re-list them for a more reasonable price, something nearer to true market value.

Here’s a typical example of how it works. Say you are just starting a figure and you list a collection of 20 medium leather for 1 gold. That could seem like a great deal to you, but that you don’t realize is that a fair selling price on that stack of leather might be 5 gold. If you just go to the auction house to dump your items once or twice per week, mts gold you will don’t know what the market price for a lot of anything is, so you list a product for too cheap. Oops.

Luke’s gold secrets showed me that this phenomenon happens all of the time. So, I watch the items on the auction house to see when someone has under priced something. I buy it for cheap and re-list it at a more accurate market price. The difference between what I got it for an the actual selling price that I sell it at is my profit.

This is a much faster solution to generate income because you may spend a couple minutes to show 10 gold into 100 gold or 100 gold into 1,000 gold just by buying and selling items at the auction house. Compare that to questing all night to create a measly 10-50 gold at early levels. It’s almost not fair how lucrative the auction house can be.

That’s only one strategy I learned from Luke’s gold guide. It’s been updated to the newest expansion with even extra information that has really helped me make a lot more gold.

Admittedly, some aspects of the guide didn’t really help me too much. I don’t like fishing because I think it’s boring, in order that doesn’t help me a lot of, but with the quantity of gold I make regularly from the auction house, I give Luke’s Gold Secrets Guide two thumbs up. It’s not perfect, but it’s worth the profit my opinion.

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