Marketing – ‘s your Brand Positioning Strategy Productive?

There’s an on line office supply site that I shop at occasionally and that basically understands the value of providing exceptional customer support as their brand positioning strategy.

Actually, I have had a clerk stick to me on the telephone forever when I decided to get a couple computers worth thousands of dollars. And yet exactly the same sense worth addressing and urgency about my needs was evident when I tried to figure out a $10 inkjet purchase.

Conversely, I made a decision to here is another new online office products supplier that specializes in selling 2-for-1 inkjet cartridges online as their brand positioning strategy and had sent me an offline direct mail piece promoting their website. pozycjonowanie bytom The ordering process went just fine, but when the merchandise did not arrive promptly as promised and I ran out of ink within my printer, I was not a happy new customer.

When I tried to call them at their 1-800 number and got an answering service that only took orders and could not help me with something problem. Then, I returned on their website and found they provided a UPS tracking link, which I thought was cool. The trouble was that it did not work.

Next, I made a decision to email them and discovered that they’d quite a nice support ticket system to send an notice about my problem. After explaining my problem and typing within my invoice number for the credit card that they’d already charged, I pressed the send button. It took them more than one full working day and into the next to answer my support ticket!

If they finally responded, this is the message that I acquired:

“Thanks for your recent order. Please be advised that as a result of unforeseen technical difficulties in our bodies your order was misplaced. We’re in the process of correcting this and shipping out all orders. Please bear in mind orders shipped today will still demand a duration of 7-10 business days for arrival.”

My response was to cancel my order and request that the charge to my credit card be refunded. I lost confidence inside their customer support promise as a brandname positioning strategy and I was not happy making use of their response pozycjonowanie stron bytom. I understand that this was not a major purchase, but it had been very important to me. And, well I was the customer and while the customer is not at all times right, they are always the customer.

If you’re able to key in on that golden nugget of business excellence you will increase your brand positioning strategy profitability potential.

So let’s review. I had an excellent company that I could trust. Some smart marketing with a competitor got me to give them a chance. Nevertheless when I did, their customer support was very weak and their insufficient customer centric focus lost them my business (and my referrals) to never return. I returned to the company that had delivered the right customer experience as their brand positioning strategy and never looked back again.

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