Really are Most people Really Watching Hulu? The distribution is a really Dingy Smaller Home business

All I learn about Hulu is that’s an on line TV site that Alec Baldwin did a professional for I saw. The only reason I kept watching was because his short role in Glengarry Glen Ross was one hell of an acting performance. What sparked this post was articles I read in The Los Angeles Times business section with the headline – How many individuals are very watching Hulu?

Small headline about measuring online audiences remains uncertain is what really caught my attention the most. I’m an independent content producer that continues to rely more on video on demand (VOD) and online digital distribution to computers and cellular devices for sales to viewers.

Like many independent entertainment producers that are not backed by studios and corporations I turn to the Internet to self-promote Slice Of Americana Films releases. I took notice when Keith Richman, CEO of, expressed frustration that his video site, “was dramatically underrepresented and misrepresented” by online audience measuring systems.

After reading this brilliant article by Times reporter Dawn C. Chmielewski I began consider how what is happening with media giants with regards to distributing entertainment on online to viewers relates to the indie world how many people can be on hulu. I immediately tossed out the advertisement dollars at stake because at the real independent level there is not advertising revenue being shared with producers, unless you consider Google AdSense.

Where my focus went was to the debate on how many viewers which were really being reached online. Because underneath that argument that’s important to firms that stream content for free solely to make money from advertisers there is an independent production side to the story.

Being an indie producer I cannot afford to offer away free content that takes work, time, and money to create. You can find no advertising dollars being deposited in my banking account to balance the costs, pay people, and earn a living. What I do is create entertainment that viewers enjoy and are willing to fund on VOD or digital download.

Back once again to the debate on how many real online viewers for a niche site, are companies determined by advertising revenue and not sales of content over stating the paying demand for online content? Or is their take on things not building a difference between online viewers that buy content or watch content for free?

I want to genuinely believe that viewers are willing to fund quality entertainment from indie producers online. Today Slice Of Americana Films has mobile videos like Club Universe with Supermodel Joanna Krupa that sell for $1.50 a download which are successful, especially in Japan and Poland.

There is also a fruitful VOD run with the America’s Wildest Bachelor Parties reality series and Fantasy Striptease Private Shows through a company I will not mention. The feature films Consignment and In With Thieves that I wrote, coproduced, and directed are with distributors. Honestly, I do not get any information on how digital sales online are going. The filmmaker is always last to know.

I personally do not think DVD is a dead format. It reminds of The Sky Is Falling with Chicken Little, but with websites on the internet hungry for advertising money sending the message. Fantasy Striptease Private Shows on DVD does solid sales numbers every month. Units are selling at a steady pace that tells me people still appreciate production value and not only viral videos.

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